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The Paper Computer - a revolution in information capture

Turning Paper into a Computer terminal

Despite the wide range of electronic devices available, the use of the humble pen and paper to record notes, and information of all kinds, especially on forms, is the most logical and easiest way of doing things.

Understanding this dynamic, IPC now offers the ability to record data and handwriting at the time of its creation, by the use of a digital pen, Anoto pattern printed paper, and highly sophisticated HWR / OCR.

Some of the many advantages of using this include:

  • Natural process for users – no training required
  • Virtually instant availability of data on a host server, even when ‘off site’
  • Cuts out the need for data key entry of captured information
  • Cuts out the need for scanning
  • GPS information for audit

The Digital Pen

Only slightly larger than a standard pen, the new breed of digital pens combine state of the art camera and pressure point technology to record an image of the form a user completes, as well as extracting data from relevant fields. Self contained with memory and rechargeable battery, the pen writes like a normal biro, and even has a colour palette!

Data can be transferred via mobile phone (Bluetooth) or by docking to a USB port on a PC / Laptop.

Once transferred successfully the encrypted data is deleted from the pen.

Unique Anoto pattern turns paper into a computer screen

Standard paper is printed with a series of almost invisible dots that encodes x,y positions in a large continuous area. Appearing as a slight gray tone on the paper, images and text can be printed on top of the pattern e.g. forms, which can be linked to specific functions.

Drawings and normal handwritten notes are catered for and interpreted using state of the art HWR and OCR techniques. Crossing the dots using the digital pen creates a unique path that forms the basis of the information capture.

Service Options

IPC can offer purchase and rental options for the hardware, software and Anoto modules, and provide full form development services. Data hosting is also available.

IPC – offering complete information management solutions

For over 15 years IPC (ISO 9001 accredited) has served a wide range of sectors: NHS Trusts, Times ‘Top 100’ companies, and Government departments .We enjoy a reputation for being straightforward and trustworthy.

Project management to Prince2 standards, ensures delivered systems work as specified – on time and in budget.

Digital Pen Data Sheet

For further information please download our
Digital Pen Data Sheet.

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The Paper Computer – best in Digital Pen technologies

 The natural way to record, edit and collate information.

  • The latest digital pen and Anoto paper solution technology
  • Writes on paper forms to automatically record and interpret information
  • Transfers information by Bluetooth remotely or via PC docking cradle
  • Works with Blackberry and Synbian mobiles for remote transfer
  • Exact image of the form captured (PDF) – no scanning required
  • Relevant fields can be interpreted as data – cuts out data key entry
  • Hand writing recognition for notes
  • XML file format for data for import to legacy systems
  • GPS / date / time stamps for audit
  • Variety of Anoto paper pattern options
  • Series of service options – incl. data hosting
  • Easier to use than PDA’s or Lap Top equivalents
  • Turns paper forms into a computer terminal!