Searchable PDF-A Scanning Service

For some types of information, the ability to have the material scanned electronically and then be made fully searchable can provide major benefits.

For example, for research purposes, articles, conference papers and other archived documents can be searched to find precise referencing.

IPC can now offer a full service to clients, taking original material, scanning it in the latest PDF-A standard and then via an OCR engine converting the data to become searchable by any combination of terms or phrases.

This means that clients can then make information available to staff on a server internally, or  via a web site for other interested parties and could also provide a revenue stream by charging for access.

Pricing will depend on volume and the quality of the original paper work, but the results for even poor original documents have been better than expected.

Try before you buy!

IPC are offering a free scan and conversion trial for all clients so they can see the results based on a sample of the material. Follow this link to our fast response form to ask for full details.


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