Purchase Invoices Scanning and Approval

Having an on screen Purchase Order system has major benefits, and IPC’s POPIAS system goes a stage further by providing the facility for purchase invoice scanning. This provides the ability for supplier invoices and related documents e.g. Delivery notes to be linked to the original Purchase Order.

When the supplier invoice and associated documents arrive, they are scanned using the POPIAS invoice scanning software. In scanning invoices there are 2 major benefits.

Firstly by linking these documents to the unique PO number (e.g. by bar code, or single manual entry) the documents will be stored and automatically indexed as images into the system. Secondly, they will then route, again automatically, via workflow to the person who originated the Purchase Order.

This means that users who raise Purchase Orders have the ability to see all incoming invoices for checking against the relevant PO, with other supporting documents.

These can then be part or fully approved, and using the POPIAS purchase order software (link back) create a payment report. And using the inbuilt electronic notes facility users can communicate with colleagues should queries arise.

Because invoices are scanned on arrival stored and sent via workflow to approvers, the Accounts department have full visibility of invoice approval status and can answer supplier queries faster and more accurately.

POPIAS is a highly functional purchase order management system that will provide benefits to any size of organisation.


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