Payroll Records Scanning

All companies must keep their payroll records for the current and previous three tax years in order to comply with the legal requirements of HMRC.

The records must include:

An employee’s name and address
An employee’s payslips
Pension payments
Statutory payments such as sick pay, maternity pay etc.
Expenses and supporting documentation such as invoices and receipts

For a large company with hundreds of employees, storing and managing all these records in paper format can be challenging and even the HMRC now recommend electronic storage as a more efficient and secure method.

More importantly, if payroll records are lost, stolen or destroyed, HMRC can insist that they are recreated.

The IPC Group has many years experience of scanning payroll paperwork in its scanning bureau and the wide range of scanning equipment gives us the flexibility to handle all types and sizes of paper from till receipts through to printed spreadsheets.

We will collect the payroll documentation from your offices, scan and index it and return it to you on CD or DVD. We can also deliver the data directly to one of your servers via a VPN or a web link if faster access is required and can even arrange for the paperwork to be confidentially shredded after it has been scanned and quality checked.

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“I spoke to MG this morning and he asked me to tell you that we are extremely happy with the quality of the scanning. Indeed, he has advised that prints from the scanned documents are hard to distinguish from the originals. Please pass on to your team our thanks for the work and congratulations on the excellent output!”.

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