Meet some of the IPC team…

Graham Light


Daniel Page

(Customer Services Controller)

Pam Roberts

(Marketing Manager)

Kevin Rosier

(Senior Scanning Operative)

Joan Stigwood

(Scanning Bureau and Office Manager)

ISO Customer Survey Results (2012)

97% of our customer's think that IPC are better than expected or outstanding!

Fails To Meet Requirements - 0%

Meets Expectations - 3%

Better Then Expected - 65%

Outstanding - 32%

Document & Information Management team member:

Pam Roberts

Marketing Manager

Pam Roberts joined The IPC Group in 2000 and is responsible for all marketing activities such as seminars, exhibitions, mailshots and the IPC website.

She has extensive experience in information management, in particular, business information systems and research.

Pam's comments:

Pam says "working in Electronic Document Management is ‘ challenging and exciting as new technology is constantly being developed to facilitate increasingly efficient ways to manage information."


What is form processing software?

Wednesday 9 April 2014 16:10

Form processing software is used to automate the capture of data from paper forms and enter it into a database. It is used to process large volumes of forms instead of having to manually input data which is both labour intensive and costly.

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How can I find out more about scanning purchase invoices?

Thursday 20 February 2014 15:21

Many organisations are now considering scanning their purchase invoices as a more efficient way of processing and storing them in paper format.

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Problems with paper based filing?

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Problems with paper based filing?