mstore for Education

Benefits checklist

With mstore for Education ...

  • Increase security with control of user access to specific documents, and an audit trail of who has viewed or made changes on the system.
  • Achieve BIP0008 compliance, meaning the electronic copies retain full legal admissibility, so the original documents can be shredded.
  • Reduce administration time as mstore automatically manages process¬es such as document retention.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems, including SIMS, Integris, SIMIS, and many more.
  • Disaster recovery documents stored within mstore can be easily backed up as part of the school’s existing data recovery process.
  • Designed by the education sector for the education sector.
  • Preconfigured folder structure based on guidance from the Records Management Society of Great Britain.
  • Student records retention policy as per Record Management Society’s Retention Guidelines for Schools.

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