Mailroom – an intelligent data capture solution

EDM solutions like mstore, have dramatically reduced paper created, because everything you receive and produce electronically can be filed directly, without the need to print and scan..

But what about the post?

It’s the one area for all organisations, that they can't control, even if volumes may be dropping over time.

So how can Mailroom from IPC help?

Scanning the post

Mailroom facilitates electronic data capture meaning information that arrives in a paper format, is not only captured electronically, at the earliest point, but can be intelligently distributed, providing a number of advantages:

  • Faster distribution of information
  • Avoiding the issue of lost paperwork
  • DR / Risk Management mitigated

Using Mailroom the paper is scanned, stored in mstore, and then distributed as an image electronically to relevant departments or individuals.

Using the latest OCR (Optical Character Recognition) techniques the scanned post can be interpreted against business rules e.g. client / project name or other unique references. This means the image can be indexed and stored automatically into mstore, without the need for intervention.

The result is the incoming postal information gets to the person or persons dealing with it virtually instantly, meaning work can be undertaken immediately. This can have major benefits if your organisation works on time or fee based critical projects.

As a further refinement- using electronic data capture - information contained in the paper can be interpreted into data, extracted, and used to power workflow (eProcess) automatically, to send it on a pre-defined route for action / approval.

Add Fax and eMail

And fax and email traffic can be handled in the same way, by Mailroom, so rather than 3 different sources, all information can be handled and combined in the same way, providing all the benefits outlined above.


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Document Management System

The very best in practical EDM technology, from simple store and retrieval to full blown workflow.

mstore Document Management System

Click above to view screen shot of mstore Version 3.

  • All systems tailored to fit individual business needs
  • UK developed (over 20 years) and supported software
  • Hardware independent
  • Based on concurrent users (SQL data base)
  • File all electronic created and received information (incl. email) directly into M.Store – no scanning required
  • Automatic Document retention rules for files inbuilt
  • Event History for audit of actions and File Integrity checking modules
  • Tasks workflow as standard
  • Host of features incl. electronic notes, annotation, audit history, email from screen
  • User friendly front end with access and functionality fully configurable
  • ROI often in less than 2 years