Information Management Consultancy

IPC can help you find new and better ways to manage the information and documentation within your organization:

Where to start?

Every organisation has many sources of information stored in a variety of formats - computer based files, physical document files, e.mails, archives…the list goes on. And it’s not just what you create, it’s what the outside world keeps sending in to you. Storing this information in a structured cost-effective way can make the difference between efficiency and expensive mistakes.

The Questions

Because IPC has conducted and advised on many information projects you get objective and practical answers to a wide range of questions such as:

  • How can you best control information created in and from different sources?
  • What forms of management and storage would best suit our needs?
  • What business benefits can be achieved?
  • Are recommended solutions able to grow and change with our business?
  • How much is it likely to cost?

Why not ask the experts?

IPC provides practical consultancy services to look at information management in your business as a whole or part. Our highly experienced consultants evaluate what you are doing now, and which information management techniques are most suited to your business objectives. We’ll also look at the future to ensure current storage issues are controlled and minimised.

Objective, experienced viewpoint

Because we are ‘outsiders’ we see things from a different perspective. With over 13 years of experience advising organisations on storage and retrieval of different sorts of information we may even come up with conclusions that will surprise you!

What IPC offers

Our professional services projects can last for a day, or more, depending on the size of the task. Our experts meet key players who ‘do the work’, and come report back on the current situation and future options with recommendations. Where applicable we provide budget figures for a range of solutions to suit your particular business.

IPC – making information work for you

As an ISO9001 accredited company IPC has served a wide range of organisations advising and implementing document and information storage and retrieval. Our reputation for being straightforward and trustworthy has led to complete Information Management Consultancy projects for clients such as Sainsbury’s, MSC Shipping, and Atco / Qualcast (Bosch).

Contact IPC to find out how we can help manage your business critical information:

Information Management Consultancy Data Sheet

For further information please download our
Information Management Consultancy Data Sheet.

Do you need more information?

Then give us a call on freephone 08081 45 46 47 and speak to our information management experts for an informed quick response!


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