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Why is centralised scanning becoming more popular?

Wednesday 4 November 2009 11:41

Not so long ago the scanning of documents within a company was mostly carried out at departmental or ‘local’ level and is known as distributed scanning. In recent years, however, the arrival of digital mailroom software has meant that businesses are now favouring centralised scanning. The IPC Group’s solution called ‘Mailroom’ allows all incoming post to be scanned, indexed and electronically distributed to the relevant person.

As soon as a document has been scanned and indexed it is automatically routed into the Mailroom eProcess workflow. Phrases and keywords are used to direct the item into the correct work queues and each document can then be tracked throughout the system, enabling a manager or supervisor to see where it is, who has dealt with it and how long it has been at each stage.

Data capture can also be applied where required to extract either handwritten or printed data and upload it to another system for processing. All documents are validated and any failures are routed automatically to a manual operator. The power of ‘Mailroom’ comes from its ability to interact with other I.T. systems and the Workflow functionality which enables transactions to be processed more speedily and efficiently.

For more information on ‘Mailroom’ please contact The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47.

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