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How can I manage my documents on a new site with less storage space?

Thursday 15 December 2011 13:15

These days, It is not uncommon for businesses in the private sector to have to down size and move to smaller premises. In the public sector, however, it is a slightly different situation whereby older office buildings are being replaced by more eco friendly new builds. The problem, however, is , despite the comfort of a brand new workplace and all its modern facilities there is a distinct lack of storage space.

New local government offices and even new schools are purposefully designed with optimum productivity in mind and have no surplus space as was the case in the last century. This may all sound very logical and cost effective but what about all the paper files which used to be stored in filing cabinets in basements, offices and attics which now suddenly there is no room for?

Don’t worry, there is a simple solution to this problem and that is to deploy a document management strategy which can involve both outsourced physical document storage and electronic storage. The first thing to do is to decide which documents will need to be accessed fairly frequently and those which rarely or never need to be consulted but must be retained in compliance with the legal retention period.

The more recent paperwork can be converted into electronic format using either a bureau scanning service or by doing it in house using documents management software. The storage of the archive can be outsourced to a supplier of physical document storage who can also provide a retrieval service should anything be required out of storage. Going forward, the best solution would be to start to work electronically using an electronic document management system so that the amount of paper generated is drastically reduced. Alternatively, a scanning bureau will collect files periodically, scan and index them and after an agreed length of time, arrange for the documents to be confidentially shredded.

For advice and guidance on all aspects of document management, please call The IPC Group on 08081 45 46 47 or click here to use our fast response service.

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