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How can a business start to eliminate paper records?

Tuesday 18 October 2011 18:33

How can a business start to eliminate paper records?

The concept of becoming totally paper free is probably unrealistic but there are, however, some very effective ways of drastically reducing the amount of paper in any business.

Almost every process which is carried out in an organisation using paper can be done electronically. Take the Finance Department, for example, where paper is at the heart of all transactions -invoices, expenses, payslips, contracts etc. All this paper can be captured and processed electronically. Using data capture software and workflow, data from purchase invoices can be automatically uploaded into any accounts system and the invoice then routed electronically to the relevant member of staff for approval.

As soon as a transaction has been completed there is usually no need to keep the paper copies and they can be destroyed. All documents produced internally can be stored directly from an MS Office application into an electronic document management system, eliminating the need to print and scan. Likewise, all emails can be stored in the same way. The only paperwork which will need to be scanned is the incoming post and if this is done at post room level, the contents can then be circulated electronically.

If every department was to adopt a policy of working electronically the paper mountains would soon start to disappear and at the same time a company would also see cost savings on paper and printing costs as well as time saved on filing and searching for information.

The IPC Group supply a wide range of electronic document management solutions and would be pleased to advise on how to start working electronically. To contact us please click here or call 08081 45 46 47.

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