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Handling customer claim forms – do retailers respond quickly enough?

Tuesday 20 December 2011 13:10

The Christmas period is a busy and hopefully lucrative time for online retailers. Unfortunately, however, for many customers, it is also a time of great disappointment when goods fail to arrive or the wrong items are delivered.

In the majority of cases it is too late to re-order presents in time for Christmas and customers are asked to submit a claim form giving details of the items ordered and costs etc. Some retailers are able to do all this electronically but there are still a large number who use the Royal Mail to deliver their merchandise and must provide paper forms with the customer’s signature as evidence. This results in thousands of pieces of paper being posted to the retailer which have to be processed as quickly as possible. It is one thing not receiving your goods but quite another having to wait months for a refund.

To do this manually would take forever and would result in an even greater number of dissatisfied customers. So what is the solution? The solution is to have the forms sent to a scanning bureau where they are sorted, scanned and indexed according to pre-defined values, e.g. incomplete form, refund, replacement etc. If the forms are all in a standard format, data capture software can also be applied to extract information and upload it to a central processing system. Once the paperwork has been scanned and indexed, processing can start immediately, normally within 24 hours of receiving the claims.

The IPC Group has a wealth of experience in automated forms processing and would be pleased to advise on how it can bring benefits to your business. Please click here to use our Fast Response form or call us on 08081 45 46 47.

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