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Do you have boxes of HR Records in your offices taking up valuable space and presenting a fire risk?

For legal requirements HR files have to be kept for various periods of time. For any organisation, this can amount to a large volume of paper which is often stored in cupboards, containers, filing cabinets – in fact, all over the place! There is also a requirement, in order to comply with the Data Protection Act, to weed the files regularly to ensure that certain data is not being retained any longer than it should be.

Trying to retrieve an important document for inspection can be a nightmare for any HR professional and can also prove to be a costly exercise for a business.

Storing personnel records electronically is a much more efficient and cost effective way of managing an archive and is fully endorsed by all the governing bodies. As soon as we have scanned HR documents in our Bureau and a client has approved the quality, there is no need to keep the paper copies and we can arrange for them to be shredded.

Our software also has an automated document retention tool which assigns a pre-defined retention period to individual document types. When a document reaches the end of this period, it is automatically flagged for review or deletion and the user then takes a decision to either delete the images or extend the period of retention.

Retrievals are made easy as files can be indexed by name, date of birth, N.I. number, payroll number and any other relevant criteria. So, no more lost or misfiled documents!

We will collect the HR files from your premises and deliver the scanned images on CD or DVD so the effort on the customer’s part is minimal. The benefits will be increased office space, compliance with the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts and fast and easy retrieval.

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“I spoke to MG this morning and he asked me to tell you that we are extremely happy with the quality of the scanning. Indeed, he has advised that prints from the scanned documents are hard to distinguish from the originals. Please pass on to your team our thanks for the work and congratulations on the excellent output!”.

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