Fragile Archive Material Scanning

Do you have an archive of historic and/or unique documents which would be irreplaceable if they were destroyed by fire, stolen or affected by floodwater?

Are these documents also in a fragile condition and liable to deteriorate even more as time goes on?

IPC can convert an archive of valuable documents into electronic format in order to preserve them for the future and are experienced in the handling of such delicate material. Each document is carefully prepared for scanning by removing any staples or fixings and the individual pages are placed manually on the document glass of a flatbed scanner. In line with IPC’s best practice policy, protective white gloves are worn at all times throughout the process.

For maximum clarity, pages can be scanned to produce 600dpi images, although this is not always necessary.

Once scanned, the electronic images can be stored on CD’s or DVD’s and back up copies can be kept in a fireproof safe. The documents can then be viewed on a PC screen without incurring additional handling damage to the original paper copies.

The documents can also be accessed remotely using a web browser and in the case of historic material, can be universally shared by interested parties.

Click here to download the Document Scanning Services data sheet!

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IPC Document Scanning - Sensitive Material

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“I spoke to MG this morning and he asked me to tell you that we are extremely happy with the quality of the scanning. Indeed, he has advised that prints from the scanned documents are hard to distinguish from the originals. Please pass on to your team our thanks for the work and congratulations on the excellent output!”.

GH, Marshall Aerospace


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