How many document pages can I scan onto a CD?

Typically 11,000 to 17,000 images will fit onto one CD-ROM, However this will vary to a large extent according to the information on each page but typically 20-30 archive boxes of A4 documents can fit on one CD-ROM. You can see now the potential for cutting back those office floor space costs and document access times!


What is form processing software?

Wednesday 9 April 2014 16:10

Form processing software is used to automate the capture of data from paper forms and enter it into a database. It is used to process large volumes of forms instead of having to manually input data which is both labour intensive and costly.

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How can I find out more about scanning purchase invoices?

Thursday 20 February 2014 15:21

Many organisations are now considering scanning their purchase invoices as a more efficient way of processing and storing them in paper format.

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