Electronic Records Management for Education

The Education sector faces a number of challenges which have been brought about by the vast amount of paper documents and emails that are handled on a daily basis.

Student records have to be stored and managed for many years even after the person has left the school or college. Not only is storage space an issue but also the security of the records and the lack of safeguards usually in place to protect them from fire and flood.

In addition to student records, there are also large numbers of staff records and finance paperwork such as purchase orders and supplier invoices which have to be retained for long periods of time. Paper based systems are time consuming, expensive and inefficient and are difficult to manage in accordance with the Records Management Society specifications.

The IPC Group has many years experience in the development and delivery of electronic records and document management solutions and has a strong understanding of the difficulties faced by and the requirements of the education sector. mstore for Education is an electronic document management system which has been developed specifically for the education sector and will give any organisation immediate benefits such as:

  • Storage – frees up space which can be used more productively
  • Security – safeguards records from fire or flood
  • Compliance – automatically manages document retention and provides full audit trails
  • Integrates with existing systems – will link to a pupil management system such as SIMS
  • Instant implementation – up and running from day one

mstore for Education is not simply an archiving facility and can be used by all departments from student records to finance, human resources, administration and facilities management.

mstore for Education bridges the gap between applications, information and people.

For further information about mstore for Education, please click here or call us on 08081 45 46 47.

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