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What our clients say about us!

Addenbrookes NHS trust

IPC’s EDM solution - M.Store - was tailored to meet the challenges, including the use of bar code separator sheets to identify patients and divide records into relevant sections to maximise scanning throughput and minimise operative intervention on indexing. This also involved connectivity with the main patient system – HISS.

Patient Services Manager commented ‘We have steadily grown our capacity for scanning, subject to budget restrictions, as the patient numbers we deal with grow, and records continue to accumulate; we also now  provide a service for a number of other departments in the Trust to assist them in their need to reduce storage.
In the 11 years we have worked with IPC we have found their advice, support and technical skills to be always to the highest standard, especially  in the testing times we as part of the NHS have sometimes found ourselves in.
I think it’s a testament to how an IT project can be implemented successfully by having the right practical and technological team to work with.’

Find documents easily using Electronic Document Management Solutions

The essence of an mstore Electronic Document Management system is that it allows authorised users virtually instant access to all critical business information, wherever they are, at any time, unlike paper based files.
And because documents are kept in a highly structured format, often using existing meta tags, you can search by single or multiple criteria to find the information you need, as long as you can remember something about the document the system will find it for you!
Customer queries can be answered at the touch of a button, often while the customer is still on the telephone. Cutting down customer response times is a crucial part of cost saving, increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.
mstore organises documents using Cabinets, Document Types and Data Fields, which can be customised through mstore's Administrator Tools.

Simple Document Searching

Simple Document Searching
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mstore’s intuitive search screen provides the
ability to retrieve a single type of document
related to, say, a client or project, or by using
Common Search it will bring back all the
documents. This is much faster than having
to wade through filing cabinets to find things
and can save a huge amount of time and
space, resulting in huge increases in
productivity and reduction in costs.

Advanced Document Searching

Advanced Document Searching
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mstore’s advanced document searching
allows more granular (Boolean) searching by
adding multiple search criteria such as values.
Ideal for financial applications such as
accounts; and you can save complex searches
for regular use.

Cross Cabinet Document Searching

Cross Cabinet Searching
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mstore’s cabinet structure allows for each to
be tailored to individual needs (incl security
access) But if you have a reference for a
document but can’t recall which cabinet it’s in,
Cross cabinet search will find your document
across all available cabinets and document

Document Search Results

mstore’s Document Search Results window provides the ability to see all the associated data fields, number of pages and document dates for each document found in the search. You then double mouse click the item you want and mstore launches a full review window, with functionality such as electronic notes, history of actions taken on that document, related documents and tasks workflow.

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For further information on mstore and our Electronic Document Management Services and Solutions please give us a call on freephone 08081 45 46 47 and speak to our Document Management experts for an informed quick response! Or alternatively click here to register your interest and we will call you!


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Document Management System

The very best in practical EDM technology, from simple store and retrieval to full blown workflow.

mstore Document Management System

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  • All systems tailored to fit individual business needs
  • UK developed (over 20 years) and supported software
  • Hardware independent
  • Based on concurrent users (SQL data base)
  • File all electronic created and received information (incl. email) directly into M.Store – no scanning required
  • Automatic Document retention rules for files inbuilt
  • Event History for audit of actions and File Integrity checking modules
  • Tasks workflow as standard
  • Host of features incl. electronic notes, annotation, audit history, email from screen
  • User friendly front end with access and functionality fully configurable
  • ROI often in less than 2 years

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