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Businesses want systems and services that give them cost savings, and other benefits. It's essential to put things on screen these days because you can then make information proactive as opposed to passive, and this will give you your savings.

We like to think we offer a complimentary range of services and products - what we're trying to do is put together a series of items or services that offer real cost benefits. For example, we offer physical document storage, bureau scanning of documents, and we provide electronic document management systems to organisations for them to have and take on the idea of the less-paper office themselves.

The idea is, we business fit and tailor products to an organisation, to give them the best business benefit. We've got a new product - which is the Digital Pen Anoto Paper Product, which we've put under our Paper Computer brand. Simply because, paper - we're turning it into a PC screen effectively. This is set to revolutionise the way people actually collect and store data.

All you have to do is write on a form, as we normally do. It actually has a minature camera inside it - infra red camera. The paper you write on is specialist paper. As you complete the form, there's a series of minature dots which are Noto licensed, moving the pen across the paper.

The position of the pen is actually recorded. Lifting on, taking off are all pressure points within the pen, which record how the information is put onto the paper. That could be a situation where the information goes via a BlackBerry through to a server, or at the end of the day you simply dock the Pen into the PC and the information is uploaded automatically.

It also reads barcodes. This is important for organisations using those, for example delivery companies. Anything that is delivered most often has a barcode on. There are PDAs, there are tablets, there are laptops. The problem with these is that they are expensive, expensive to support, and there's the culture issue of training people to use them.

With the Digital Pen, you're simply writing - it's what everybody can do. Any organisation of any size can use this technology. It will give them the real-time cost benefits they need. Organisations such as the Police, the NHS are already using the technology and seeing the benefits it can deliver.

To find out more information, you can ring us freephone on 08081 454647.


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