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Many organisations want to improve their capture and processing of all types of information and are looking towards electronic data capture as an effective way of increasing their efficiency and productivity.

In the last few years the development in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) has led to an increased range of electronic data capture services, that provide practical and cost effective options.

IPC offer a wide range of data capture and conversion systems that can be supplied as complete solutions to customers or as a service within IPC’s Bureau Scanning division.

Purchase Invoice Processing (mstore)

For organisations who process a large volume of supplier invoices, the issue of data key entry from these to a purchase ledger system is both time consuming and repetitive. With an mstore Invoice Recognition system from IPC, invoices are scanned, the system identifies the supplier document, and interprets relevant data fields e.g. invoice number, value, VAT and total value, then outputs them in a format for automatic upload to a target legacy system; this provides an ideal data capture solution. Invoices received by email can also be automatically processed by the same system.

Automated Forms Processing - Digital Pen (The Paper Computer)

For all organisations of any size who have to complete and process data from forms, the Paper Computer is the new highly efficient method of data conversion. Using a digital pen and special pattern form paper, information from a form is captured as a PDF image and the relevant information is sent as an XML file to a server from where it can be forwarded to a legacy data system. Ideal as it uses what everyone is used to – pen and paper, so no culture change issues!

Distributing the Post Electronically

Now a practical option for organisations. IPC’s Mail Room uses the latest form recognition technologies that will recognise scanned post items and by using agreed business rules, recognises who the post item should go to . The scanned images are then transferred electronically (as well as automatically indexing and storing them) to the relevant person; so opening your mail from anywhere in the world is now available!

Capturing All Emails

Compliance issues are now such that organisations cannot routinely get rid of emails that ‘clog up’ email servers. With M.Message from IPC all email traffic, internal and external is not only captured but is searchable by date, time, recipient, sender, title and content of attachments! Ideal then to free up email servers and to use as a data capture system. Exchange® and Lotus Notes® versions are available.

The Paper Computer – best in Digital Pen technologies

Digital Pen


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