Cloud Based Document Management Services & Solutions

For many organisations there are increasingly significant advantages in cloud based software, accessed via standard web browsers- for example the low cost of ownership, and little or no internal IT support requirements.

In line with this, and the movement to greater use of mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones to access information, IPC is pleased to now offer a range of secure private UK based cloud document management products and services

Based on a subscription model Documents OnLine offers every size of organisation the opportunity to have the significant advantages of storing and managing information of all kinds electronically, but at a low monthly cost. And with its modern icon based interface the systems make mobile working truly practical.

And behind the sleek new interface is a very powerful EDRM system that can be evolved to cater for any level of information management, for any size of company’s needs. Whatever your cloud based document management requirements Documents OnLine can provide the solution!


Documents OnLine provides 2 levels of EDM system (Standard and Premier), enabling users to upload, retrieve and manage their key documents of all types, on line. No need for installed software as you use a standard web browser. To store documents you simply select a file of any kind on your computer and with a simple click you upload it to the system configured for your needs, and index it away. And if you have volumes of paper to scan and upload we have partnered with Kodak to provide an efficient solution. The Standard system comes with 2 Stores and 6 document types within each, that are configured to suit your business, and both systems have a wide range of functionality you’d expect in a highly functional EDM solution. To find full details of systems starting for as little as £15 per month click here to be directed to the D.OL web site.


Forget paper forms and email requests – Documents Online’s POPIA system puts the Purchasing function on screen, with easy to use steps to raise and get approved any form of Purchase Order. Based on a template system, you add product descriptions, justifications, quantities, currency selection, cost centres / nominal codes and even supporting quotes, all making up the Documents OnLine Purchase Order audited process. And when approved the PO with its unique system created number, gets automatically emailed to the supplier as a PDF.

Then when supplier invoices and other supporting documents arrive (e.g. delivery notes) they can be easily brought into the system and sent via workflow to the PO creator for approval. The system also has a full audit and reporting module so the Finance function can plan cash flow far more effectively.

The POPIA system can be developed to meet any business size and requirement, and D.OL do all the set up and support for you! Click here to be directed to the cloud based purchase order systems section of the D.OL web site.

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