Contracts management - overcoming the challenges - introduction

Why is the contracts management burden so high?
Even if your organisation has rationalised its supplier relationships, it’s likely that you will be using more equipment than ever. Mobile phones, company cars, photocopiers, vending machines, IT infrastructure and water coolers all have suppliers and they all have contracts.
Contracts Management

There are of course also numerous providers and contracts for a whole range of other products and services, from raw materials suppliers to the company that hosts your website.

It’s clear that managing all of these contracts is in itself a huge challenge for any business. And quite apart from the admin burden, the complexity presents all kinds of risks, from compliance issues to the danger of automatically renewing contracts without renegotiation or re-tendering.

About this article
Over many years of developing and installing document management software, our clients have told us about the challenges that having numerous contracts with suppliers presents.

This lead to IPC Group creating our specialist contracts management system.

To help clarify the issues that the system has been developed to address, I have written about common scenarios that organisations - perhaps like yours - may face.

I’ve presented three themes taking you through the contract lifecycle, each one with crucial questions and some thoughts on how a dedicated contracts management system can resolve the challenges. 

Part 2 > Setting up new contracts