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Why is an EDM system essential for business continuity?

Wednesday 18 September 2013 15:42

When organisations produce a business continuity plan they, generally, always ensure that their IT infrastructure is a prime consideration. What tend to get overlooked are archives of paperwork which play a critical role in the operation of the business. Moreover, paper is the most vulnerable of business assets as it is more at risk of damage or destruction by fire or floods.

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What steps do we need to take to achieve a paperless office?

Wednesday 11 September 2013 14:19

To be realistic, a paperless office can probably never be realised but a ‘less paper’ office most certainly can be. However, there are several factors to consider when setting out to reduce the amount of paper generated and stored as there are several ways of achieving this.

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Do any companies provide Purchase Invoice Scanning Services in the UK?

Monday 2 September 2013 14:17

There are several companies which specialise in the provision of Purchase Invoice Scanning Services in the UK and they usually operate a scanning bureau where the invoices can be sent to be scanned.

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What are the most important processes involved in document scanning?

Tuesday 20 August 2013 14:16

Document scanning involves a series of processes which must be carried out diligently if the best quality images are to be produced.

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How can I find out more about contract management software?

Monday 12 August 2013 13:00

Contract management software is used to automate the processes involved in the selection and appointment of suppliers of goods and services. It facilitates the electronic storage of all documents and uses workflow to route paperwork round an organisation to relevant personnel.

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Is it possible to outsource the scanning of HR files?

Thursday 1 August 2013 13:08

Many HR departments do not have sufficient staff available to scan their HR records and they also do not have the space to store them in paper format. So, what is the solution to this problem?

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What is an online Purchase Order System?

Monday 22 July 2013 14:43

An online Purchase Order System allows purchase orders to be created electronically and is designed according to a set of rules which gives uniformity across any organisation.

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How is the electronic pen used in business?

Friday 12 July 2013 14:41

The electronic pen, also known as the digital pen, is used to convert handwritten information into electronic data.

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Why should an Accounts Department use invoice approval software?

Wednesday 3 July 2013 14:39

Processing the payment of invoices manually is time consuming and the larger the organisation the more of an issue it becomes. Delayed payments will make suppliers unhappy and could result in disrupted service which could cost a company dearly.

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How could a document management system benefit by business?

Monday 24 June 2013 14:34

A document management system, unsurprisingly, is a computer system used to store and manage electronic documents. Many systems can also manage other kinds of electronic data such as films and photographs.

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