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What are the main drivers for businesses to use less paper?

Tuesday 28 December 2010 10:39

A recent survey carried out by AIIM reports that 39% of organisations are now using less paper. The percentage is set to quickly rise as document scanning and data capture solutions are becoming more widely acclaimed.

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Why is a good system essential when trying to go paperless?

Monday 20 December 2010 10:36

Many companies are still trying to reduce the amount of paper they produce and are storing more and more data electronically. Whilst this seems like a step in the right direction, unless a structured system is in place, randomly saving files in different drives and machines, can be just as disorganised as having mountains of paper.

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Why is digital pen technology used to process insurance claims?

Monday 6 December 2010 10:43

Most insurance claims are assessed by a professional who visits the site to inspect the damage and then implements a remedial action plan.

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Is the increase in the volume of data being stored costing companies dearly?

Wednesday 1 December 2010 10:41

A recent report has highlighted the increasing risk businesses are facing by not being able to retrieve critical data. Changes in the way people work, advances in technology and the availability of low cost data storage capacity has led to a dramatic increase in the amount of data companies are retaining.

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Have you ever considered the benefits of an automated Contracts Management System?

Wednesday 24 November 2010 10:36

There are many reasons not to store critical information such as supplier and client contracts in paper format. Not least is the prospect of a fire breaking out and destroying the documents. The cost and inconvenience of having to track down suppliers of products and services and renegotiate terms and conditions could have serious implications for any business.

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Do you know how much time is spent inputting data, filing and carrying out other administrative tasks?

Tuesday 16 November 2010 09:30

A recent survey has reported that the average British worker spends about 35 working days a year on basic administrative tasks such as inputting data, compiling reports and filing paperwork. Out of all these tasks, data entry was found to be the most time consuming with many employees spending in excess of six hours per week doing it.

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How can the digital pen help police forces to solve crime?

Monday 8 November 2010 09:30

Most people would agree that they would like to see more policemen on the streets. The truth is, in fact, that a large proportion of a police officer’s time is spent back at the station dealing with paperwork.

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Why is poor information management becoming more of a business risk?

Friday 5 November 2010 09:30

According to new research carried out by AIIM, more and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of good information management.

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As the cost of paper continues to rise, how can electronic document management help?

Wednesday 3 November 2010 14:02

With the cost of paper set to rise by at least another 10%, now is a good time to look at how electronic document management can help to save money.

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How can the digital pen help courier companies save money?

Monday 25 October 2010 09:50

More and more delivery companies are now discarding PDA’s in favour of the digital pen. Handheld data capture devices or personal digital assistants were, for some time, regarded as a technical revolution and many courier companies embraced it as a new and ‘modern’ way of recording signatures for goods received.

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