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Why are more universities using electronic document management systems?

Wednesday 9 December 2009 10:37

It has been reported recently that universities are beginning to see the benefits of EDMS and are electronically storing and delivering hundreds of thousands of documents every year.

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How up to date is your company’s document retention policy?

Thursday 3 December 2009 11:25

With the increasing adoption of mobile technologies enabling employees to work remotely, a recent survey has shown that many UK companies have not revised their document retention policies for electronically stored information to take this into account.

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What do businesses need to consider when looking at mobile technologies?

Monday 23 November 2009 13:45

A recent report across the healthcare and financial sectors has concluded that companies are spending an extortionate amount of money on mobile computing equipment without really understanding the objectives and business processes it is attempting to revolutionise.

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Are millions of patient records about to go online?

Wednesday 18 November 2009 14:10

Four years behind schedule, a £12 billion government programme to make millions of medical records available online, is finally due to go live. The records contain details, for example, of allergies and medications and the objective is to make it easier to share such key data about patients.

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Why are Councils being urged to store documents electronically?

Monday 16 November 2009 13:41

Local Authorities have again hit the document management news headlines as they have been advised by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to store more documents online.

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Why is centralised scanning becoming more popular?

Wednesday 4 November 2009 11:41

Not so long ago the scanning of documents within a company was mostly carried out at departmental or ‘local’ level and is known as distributed scanning.

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What is the best way to store HR Records?

Wednesday 4 November 2009 11:38

The HR Department of any company, holds some of the most confidential and sensitive information in the organization and traditionally, it is stored in paper files in filing cabinets.

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The Digital Pen – why is it the ideal solution for mobile field workers?

Wednesday 28 October 2009 09:32

In a fast developing world of technological advancement, there is still an enormous dependency on paper forms. For example .....

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Is the paperless office a realistic concept?

Saturday 24 October 2009 09:28

The phrase ‘the paperless office’ was first used in 1975 by a Mr George Pake who was then Head of the Xerox Research facility. Mr Pake believed that ...

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Digital Pen Technology – how can it benefit Transport and Logistics companies?

Wednesday 21 October 2009 09:25

One of the most challenging tasks for any company delivering goods is the collection and management of delivery notes.

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