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Automated E. Mail Archiving

secure – fully searchable 

E-mail represents as much as 50% of an organisations mission critical information. And e-mail is a sensitive security issue. From problems of potential staff abuse or bullying to protection of sensitive and confidential company information. The ability to track and monitor e-mail is now critical. How can you be certain that you can control this essential form of information?

M.Message – Secure – auditable – searchable

M. Message is a secure storage, management and retrieval solution designed to tame the huge volumes of email that pass through your server every day. It automatically classifies, organises, encrypts, compresses and stores every message and attachment creating a fully auditable trail of email activity.

E mail Message Searching
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Simple search dialogues enable messages
to be instantly retrieved. Author, recipients,
subject and date can be verified and every
action tracked, providing proof of receipt,
despatch and content. And because it
enforces full email retention, including
external and internal messages, nothing
is allowed to slip through the net.

M.Message classifies, organises and stores email messages in accordance with customisable rules-based parameters. It delivers full control over which messages you retain and destroy in order to meet regulatory controls and avoid unnecessary disclosure.

E mail Search Results
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Software or 'black box' fully managed solution

mstore Message is available in software format or as a preconfigured 'black box' fully managed solution. Each delivers the same degree of performance and can be customised to your individual requirements. Plus, as part of the mstore suite of records management software, extension to a fully electronic document management solution is easy.

M. Message – technical overview

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Automated E-mail Archiving Data Sheet

For further information please download our
utomated E-mail Archiving Data Sheet.

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Automated E. Mail Archiving

M. Message is an automated e. mail archiving solution.

Automated E Mail Archiving

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M.Message is an administrator only access solution offering a range of menu driven facilities:

  • Ensures full email retention
  • Manages retention policy
  • Easy to install and manage
  • No storage limits
  • Fast, simple message retrieval
  • Helps meet compliance and legal discovery requirements
  • Secure and robost

PLUS…M.Message will allow you to free up space on your Exchange server. Users can be persuaded to delete e-mails knowing they can be retrieved and re-instated at any time.